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April 2012



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Cornflour: Roleplay Four

Characters: Watt, Cornflour
Current Status: Complete

Cornflour yawned and stretched, bending forward as he rested his hands upon the kitchen side and stretching out his back until he felt a satisfactory click. Now he remembered why he didn't like sleeping on the sofa! Straightening up, he rolled his shoulders before making a start on some tea and toast, whilst mulling over how lucky he was to have gotten away with sneaking Watt in without Shan noticing or vice versa... Oddly, he was more concerned about Shan since he knew that he wouldn't hear the end of it from the egotistical mutant. Watt, he felt, he could trust at least.

Watt didn't know anything about the situation, he got up in the  morning, stretched and poked his head out the door. He was still wearing the clothes he had worn the day before and felt a little ratty, but he pulled off a glove and tried to fix his hair before coming out completely. "Hey...Good morning" he mumbled out, not entirely a morning person. A moment later he stood by the couch, gloved hand resting on it's arm lightly, he was pretty embarassed. "Thanks....again for last night...i'm sorry for imposing i'm not sure what I was thinkin'"

Cornflour jumped, almost spilling the water from the kettle as he heard the Watt's voice. Really, he should learn to stop doing that and to simply get used to the fact that his apartment now seemed to have become a base for at least one other. "Guten Morgan, et de rien. To be honest, es war getting late anyway et after hearing some things, ich would rather tu came ici than be out there fur too long." His brows furrowed in thought, "Anyway, toast und drink?" He popped his head through the doorway, whilst shaking an empty mug through it. His own hair still looked scruffy, being prone to terrible bedhair, and he wore his favourite loose blue sheep pjs.

Watt felt like he was waking up in a womans house after a rough night of drinking, without the hangover. He wasn't sure of himself and he stepped lightly into the kitchen, "Sure." Aftearll he wasn't going to shoot down hospitality. His hair wasn't all that bad in comparison to the others, he found himself smiling a little at the thought. So funny. "I should probably head back a bit after that though." He was wondering if this place had  a smell and if City would notice. "Hey...you know i've seen a lot of couches being slept  on before...usually by me....so don't tell me you let me crowd you out of your own bed?" He had noticed there were two rooms and didn't consider there might be someone else here.

Cornflour beamed, stepping back to the counter so that he could finish up making breakfast. "Gut, je wouldn't want du to starve." Though he doubted it would happen, he liked to at least be a good host to whoever stepped through his door, especially if he actually invited them in. The question that was soon sent his way made him whip his head round briefly, before turning back around to what he was doing, inwardly hoping the action didn't expose another one of his odd characteristics. Maybe he should've brushed his hair quick. "Umm... Es ist fine, really! Ich did invite tu, after all... Est wouldn't be gut to make tu sleep on das." He shook his head, feeling oddly flustered, "Anyway, the-au-lait or cafe?"

Watt nodded slowly as he realized it must have been like he thought, he ignored the statement about starving....he was nowhere near that but it was still a nice gesture. When Corn whipped his head Watt did notice something off, something not hair-like stuck in there.  He thought about what kind of coffee he wanted as he inched up behind the man, "Whatever you're having is fine..." He didn't know the difference to be honest. He was almost upon him now, dangerously close, he was much taller than the other and stood over him, arms crossing. If he hadn't been discovered yet he'd lean down and whisper near his ear "You know,  you're kind of short." He had seen what he needed to in regards to the mans head, he would ask later.

Cornflour nodded, pulling another teabag out of the caddy. Curse his trip to England that one time getting him addicted to the drink! "The-au-lait, es ist then~" He chimed, finished up what he was doing, all the while completely oblious to the shadow that formed because of the one looming over him. It was just as he was tasking a small sip of his own cup, picking Watt's one up in the other, when he heard the whisper right by his ear, and a squeak, (that certainly wasn't mouse-like!), could be heard as he jumped, dropping the two cups instantaniously, "Gah! Dumbkoff! Ich bin nicht short!" His arms flailed as he became more flustered, "J-just vertically challenged!"

Watt was leaned in, he realized that his cup was being handed to him and he brought his arm around Corn's right side to take it. This probably only added to the spook, and when he jumped, Watt hissed out a "Shit!" and brought his left hand around Corn's other side, grabbing at the cup that was falling. He managed to get them both but this put them in a horrible predicament. His voltage shot up at the shock of the man dropping the cups....and he was practically wrapped around the other. "Don't move!" he demanded quietly. His next movements were slow, Corn might not even notice in his rageful response. Successfully Watt would pull himself  away from the other, gloves covered in liquid...but at least it couldn't burn him. He sighed with relief, standing up again "Right, right, i'm sorry. I just noticed, it gives me a pretty good vantage point of the top of your head, you know." His nerves were jumping,  all of that was way too close for him.

Cornflour stiffened at the demand, hands up as thought Watt was actually a Police Officer and he was the culprit. He waited patiently before being given the green light and he let out the breath he didn't realise he was holding through the whole thing. Ignoring the slight blush that tinted his cheeks, he glanced up at the other mutant, rubbing his arm restlessly, "Es ist fine... Je suis desole fur mein reaction. Tu just took mir by surprise..." He leant against the counter, blowing air up making his fringe fly up slightly momentarily before gravity took affect. "Danke pour saving mein cups, though. Je will make some more, ja?"

Watt sighed with relief as he realized that everything had panned out okay. "Yeah, my fault, shouldn't have snuck up on you like that." Every now and again his eyes would flick towards the top  of the man's head but he didn't bring it up anymore. Every mutant needed their secrets, he guessed. But he was starting to believe corn was really an alien....weird hair things....gold eyes....he bet that greenish hair was natural too. What had he gotten himself into? Maybe they were all aliens. Whoa dude, too deep. He found himself setting the cups on the counter and leaning on the wall nearby, pulling off his gloves and looking at them with disdain... "I always get these things filthy."

Cornflour hummed as he started making the drinks again, hoping that round two wouldn't result in his cups getting broken. "Nein, nein, je said es war fine. Ich bin just as responsible, d'accord?" He didn't want Watt to feel guilty, and besides, it would've given him an excuse to buy nicer cups he supposed. Shaking his head, he wasn't aware that the other mutant was looking at his hair, nor did he think much of his comment earlier. In truth, the man was not a morning person and sometimes allowed things like that to fly over his head. "Ich could wash those pour du, if tu would like mir to."

Watt was just kind of off and sometimes grumpy in the morning, he was still thoughtful though. Happens if you think too much all the time he guessed. He smiled with pity as the other lumped blame on himself "If you say so." and then he decided to play around a little "Most people would get pissed though, maybe you just like being on the edge of danger..." his smile turned a little challenging before he thought about his gloves. "I don't think I could ask you to do that..." and then he felt them with his fingers...they were sticky...eugh. He frowned "Okay maybe you can...I guess." He was very hesitant to let them go and it showed on  his face...but this man would know more than anyone the importance of and attachment to his gloves

Cornflour laughed quietly, looking amused at the comment. "Ja, je suppose das ich bin." He returned the smile as he carried the two beverages over to the table, setting them down before any other mishaps could happen, hopefully anyways. "Don't worry, ich will make ist quick und I won't even dream of damaging them." Before cleaning them, though, he decided to place the toast with some spreads on the table, "Now, eat whilst ich do this. Je will be back soon." And with that, and if allowed to, he would pluck the gloves from the table and start the job of cleaning the dirty and rather sticky things.

Watt looked down at his hands for a minute, he always thought  they were weird foreign things and he was way more clumsy with them versus his bulky gloves. He sighed, they were so pale too...years with hardly any sunlight tended to do that. He walked over to the table, sitting down and allowing his babies to be taken up, watching Corn walk away nervously. He looked down at the food before him, feeling kind of naked he sighed, taking up the cup and drinking. Corn went through a lot of trouble to make this tea, he may as well drink it!

Cornflour sighed, getting things ready to clean the gloves. He had to admit, as he started the task, that it was nice to know that Watt trusted him enough to actually do something, that while to most people would seem so simple, was truthfully one that he felt took a lot of responsibility. It was because of this that he treated  the pair of gloves with the same reverance he did with his collar. After all, that thing needed a clean sometimes itself, though he always tried to do it quickly and efficiently so that he could get it back on as soon as humanely possible. It was with that in mind that he made sure to do the same thing for Watt's own special objects, before drying them carefully and returning them to their owner.

Watt was in the middle of a pretty hilarious scene when the man walked back into the room. He was trying to get a grip on the cup before him without looking......and he succeeded in picking up air instead. Grip was miscalculated to account for about half an inch of rubber and fabric. He groaned, looking down and making a conscious effort to grab the thing and pick it up this time, leaving his hand red, it wasn't accustomed to not being protected. He took back his gloves happily, pulling them back on and making a fist to 'break them in' again, smiling involuntarily creeping on his face. "Thanks a lot. Feel like a kid in a candy store, you should run a hotel or something."

Cornflour entered the room, only to be met by a rather humouress sight. Shaking his head with a light chuckle, the mutant handed the other his gloves, failing to hide the mirth that lit up in his eyes. "Du sind welcome, mon ami, mais... Ich bin happy avec mein current job though, merci." He was pleased with Watt's reaction regardless, glad that he had done something right and that it seemed that he didn't marr the slowly budding friendship that they were sharing.

Watt rose his eyebrows as he was pulling on the gloves, noticing that the other looked too pleased. "You're not makin' fun of me in your head over there are you? Don't make me bring height  back into this." His threat was completely lacking of threatningness, but he turned his eyes up scoldingly to the man for  the sake of the jest. "What is your current job anyway? I'm kind of surprised you have one as a mutant, I couldn't get my foot in the door anywhere after crawling the streets for a couple years, you get a reputation like that."

Cornflour smirked playfully, "Oh, non, non, mais, why would du think das~?" Laughing a little, he walked over to the other side of the table before taking a seat, picking up his own neglected cup of tea, taking a sip of the soothing warm drink. "Das ist un shame... As pour moi, ich bin ein musician." Here he gave a small shrug, then reaching for a piece of toast to butter up so that he could start nibbling on it, "Ist depends though, where je go. J'aime to keep moving, du know? Ich habe learnt das by doing ca, they usually won't habe time to figure out was je really bin." Cue more nibbling...

Watt had pulled away from his teasing to chew on toast, not wanting to let it go to waste. When he heard the answer to his question he swallowed and couldn't help but let out a laugh "Are you serious?! Do you have a band?" He remembered their conversation the night before about the 'ear bleeds'. He knew what it was like to move around a lot, afterall he never stayed with any group of people for more than a couple months..often times not even nearly that long. "Yeah, I managed by doing shorting of electronics for gang leaders, i've been the key to most buildings with alarm systems for a couple years now. I guess it's worth it, I don't have to hurt anyone and yet they still keep me around and feed me. Sometimes they really don't appreciate a leaver though." It was one of those moments, his hand drifted near his hip unconsciously, but he caught himself after a moment and let the hand fall to his knee instead.

Cornflour frowned, feeling hurt that Watt found it that amusing. "Nein, ich play by mich. Ich can play piano und violin, mais, ich only play piano in public." The German in his speech became more prominant as he turned a little defensive. "Ich liebe mein job because ist requires kleine talking. Lip-synching mich can get bothersome, even if ich habe done ist fur so long..." Not to mention that music was one of his passions, and it was when playing that he allowed himself to remove the confines of his gloves and not to worry about talking, instead, the music did it for him. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed, "Je suis desole fur das... Ich got silly there." Lowering his hand, he listened to Watt, his frown deepening slightly as noticed the straying hand. It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened so he didn't ask. "Ich see... Je ne suis pas much a fighter mich. Even if ich may be able to..."

Watt didn't mean to hurt his feelings, he just couldn't help but laugh that his joking had been on the mark before. He calmed down  as the man described what he could do though "Really? You play violin? I tried that in highschool before I ditched...always loved
the sound but I wasn't any good at it." He smiled before moving on to an offer "You know, you don't have to do that lip sync thing around me, I don't care either way. As long as we're talking i'm good....I know what a bother it is to control what you're doing so you don't get found out." He didn't know he had given himself away, the story went a little deeper then the man probably thought  though, Watt wouldn't even know he thought anything. "I'm not a fighter either, spent too much of my life being fought to like it."

Cornflour calmed down, "Ja, das es why je started playing ist." He shared the smile, glad to find someone else who appreciated the sounds of the stringed instrument. His eyes widened a little at the offer and he fiddled with his hands in uncertainty. What if he got so lax about it that he forgot to do it in public? Then again, he supposed it depended on wether they were in a place where no one can see them. Keeping his mouth closed, he continued, "Merci beaucoup, mais, let moi know if est seems a bit weird, s'il vous plait... Even mes parents found est weird..." He trailed off a little sadly, yet if it wasn't for that, he may have never got as much practise at it. It was the whole reason he taught himself to lip-synch. "Das es sad... Mais, at least du can. Mein abilities sind nicht so gut pour fighting. Only fur surprising people, je think."

Watt watched him...not move his lips. He fought that natural human urge to look around or seem shocked and managed to actually look pretty chill about it. "No, it's fine, I don't mind. So do you feel anything when you do that? I can't feel my own powers at all, I think it would be a bitch to be tickling yourself all the time." He thought about what he said next "I didn't even tell my parents about this stuff...I just skipped town when I found out. Too afraid of being denied I guess..... and you'd be surprised how useless my power is for fighting. I would have to bearhug someone for a couple minutes at full power to do any real damage."

Cornflour felt oddly relaxed, especially as Watt didn't seem to be disturbed by him not lip-synching. "Ich do... Though, c'est only un tingling feeling around mon neck." Here he indicated at his collar, "Mon collar amplifies de sound pour moi et makes est clear... C'est hard to explain..." Even he didn't quite understand it himself, save for the knowledge that the collar made his 'voice' crystal clear. "Je suis desole. Mon pere et ma mere only know because j'ai been aware of this since je can remember. Mais... C'est also how they ended up trying to fix moi." His hands clenched slightly at the thought and he glanced inside his mug as though the dregs at the bottom were the most interesting things in the world. However, the corner of his lips twitched up slightly in amusement at the mental image of Watt bear-hugging someone and electrocuting them. "Tu as un Electrique Teddy-Bear, non?" He teased lightly.

Watt nodded along with his explanations before sitting back in  his chair, pushing away the plate without the food he had managed  to eat while listening throughout the conversation. He felt a wave of sympathy rush over him as the man talked about needing to be fixed. "You don't need to be fixed. Looks like you got yourself a blessing there, not a curse. It could be worse you know? You could  be like me." He laughed nervously, hating that he counted himself as a standard for a 'bad' power to get. But it was true. He would never touch anyone without hurting them for the rest of his life. He  groaned "Do you think it's too early for a real drink? Plus your friend might be waking up soon." He motioned towards the other room.

Cornflour hummed softly, lifting his head, "Je know ca... After all, c'est because of this ca je suis able to talk, mais, no one else saw est that way. Tu don't have to be fixed, tu as fine de way tu are. Tu may not be able to touch physically, mais, tu can do better by touching people emotionally. Surey ca ist something, non?" Here he offered a small smile, feeling sympathic towards the man, yet hoping to give him the same encouragement that he had just granted him. "Anyways, merci pour ca. Je don't know what came over moi." Picking up the plates and cups, seeing that they were done with, he got the hint. "Oui, mais, there may be cafes around ici."

Watt smiled "Yeah, it's nice of you to say that. But so far it's gotten me into nothing but trouble. I'm not really socially...skilled either." He admitted hesitantly, "I have a lot of issues, like...women  and nonmutants and egotistic people that remind me of my brother and....well the list goes on." He rose, "Here lemme help out,  I promise not to break anything." and he'd walk with him to the kitchen, happy at the thought of being able to go find somewhere to hang out.

Cornflour allowed the other to help him out, letting him follow him into the kitched whilst rolling his words around his mind. It saddened him that Watt felt like that. "Tu know, ca may be vrai, mais..." He looked away with a slight blush, feeling a little embarressed by what he was going to say, but decided to do it anyways. Besides, hopefully it'll lift the other mutant's spirits a bit? "Du habt touched moi at least in ca way..." With that, he busied himself with the cleaning, using it as a hasty distraction.

Watt was helping him clean but he stopped as he seemed to have trouble getting some sentence out. Once it was out, Watt couldn't help but snort, nudging the other's gloved hand with his own. "You make it sound like I snuck into your room in the middle of the night." He laughed a second before realizing "I guess I did, you just weren't there, huh?" the thought made him laugh more, but he calmed down after a minute. "Seriously though, thanks, you're a cool guy."

Cornflour waited with nervousness how Watt would react but it seemed that what he said did the trick. A smile formed on his face as he felt his gloved hand nudging his own, returning the gesture lightly himself. "De rien, mon ami." He finally looked at him, sharing his expression and laughing a little himself. "Tu as un bon garcon, yourself." He couldn't help the amusement that garcon actually meant boy, but the other didn't need to know that. "Merci pour giving moi a chance et letting moi be... Well... Moi, if tu know what je mean."

Watt was having a great old time, laughing with the man, their gloved hands submerged in soapy water....it was way too picturesque. He took out one of the clean dishes and started to rub it with a dry cloth on the side of the sink "You know....this has been  great...i'd like to come back some time and see you again. I do think I should get back though..." he was sad to see the good times stop rolling, but he didn't want to invest in a spiked collar to save his life from City's wrath, so he shouldn't be around too much longer.

Cornflour sighed, feeling a little saddened even if he knew that the other was going to leave sooner or later. It was for the best though, since Shan would be waking up soon. "Oui... J'ai enjoyed having tu around too. Umm..." The shorter mutant pulled his gloved hands from the water, drying them quickly as he said the next thing on his mind, "I-if tu want, tu could come see mir play, m-mais tu don't have too! Je ne suis pas that bon..." Sometimes he wondered how he still managed to stutter even without being able to actually speak. He supposed it's because that's how it sounded in his mind.

Watt had dried off his own nice clean gloves, blinking at the stammering short alien man. "Yeah, I think i'd like to hear for sure...where do you play?" He could use a distraction, the mansion was empty other than the relationship bickering he had lately. "Don't discredit yourself, I bet you anything in a couple years i'll be  able to tell everyone that I know a famous guy."

Cornflour laughed, the thought of being famous amused him, "Mais, I'd only be famous pour annoying people avec mon ability." Calming down, he thought about his schedule that week. Ahh... He was sure he had the details somewhere. Opening one of the kitchen draws he plucked out a leaflet that he recognised as the one he took from the place he had recently been hired in. "Ici, this should habe un map auch." The long-haired man offered it to Watt with a smile, "Merci pour de interest. Mais, je believe je can hear Shan now..." He added, a frown forming on his face as he heard the tell-tale thump.

Watt wasn't buying the annoying part, then again he had and would only ever feel it through his gloves so maybe it was worse on bare skin. He took the map, looking at it for a moment before pocketing it "Thanks a lot" He had felt very close to this person but then...Shan? Like Shannon maybe?? Maybe the man hadn't slept on  the couch afterall. Was this person his girlfriend? He felt a little silly talking about his relationship problems like the man would understand, maybe he had been alone in that afterall. He took to the door "See you around Cornflour." He looked up at the ceiling in thought for a moment before looking back hesitantly "Mun ami?" Yeah he said it wrong, but kudos for effort, he took on a 'it hurt to even try that' face before taking off.

Cornflour was distracted with thoughts of how to torment a winged mutant until he heard Watt's voice once more. "De rien, though je feel as though je should be thanking tu." Meanwhile, he was unware of what his mentioning of Shan had caused in the other mutant's mind and so blissfully bid him farewell, smiling kindly at the attempt that Watt made with one of his languages. "Au revoir, mon ami~" He chimed, chuckling as he closed the door behind him, that look on the Electric Teddy Bear's face having amused him enough to do so. Ahh, he really did hope he'd see him again soon, and hopefully where he will be playing too. "Je hope so..." He murmered to himself before going off to tend to his usual duties, continuing on as normal. Well... As normal as it would be after everything so far...